Folky, rocky, psychedelic-y...thats gotta be the Space Cadets!
now, keep in mind, these are some of the first songs we've actually recorded, and they're being recorded through on of those gamer headphone/mic combos and the tiny mic in a macbook, onto Audacity and Garageband, respectively. Also, since we don't have a way to successfully record drums, there aren't any in the song. when you listen, just imagine the drums, and thats what they probably sound like.
I want your honest opinion of these songs, but please, no "where the **** are the drums gtfo my internets you bitch" or "that recording quality sound like **** turds go die"
and, there is no vocals.
so, bear with me.
I like Chilly quite a bit, and the others are enjoyable as well. It's kinda original, and I like that.

And for a mic job with no drums, this sounds pretty darn good.

It'll be difficult for you to find any vocals that'll fit in good, I think. Sure, you could just go get any singer, but I think you'd be best off trying to get someone who can pull off 'Psychedelic' vocals to go along with the music.

So, overall, I'm impressed.
Quote by Fatso Forgottso
oh wow thank you so much, this really means a lot to me.

np, you guys are good.

BTW, I've listed to the song The Trip a couple more times, and it feels like it's missing something... sorry for being so vague, but I'm really not sure what it is past 'something.' Perhaps you should try to get a little something extra in there to push it to about 1min 15secs or something. *Shrugs* It could just be all the metal that I've listened to recently has corrupt how I hear music...

Anyway, good luck guys! Get a CD out soon.
I see you used the logo that guy made for you. It's really cool, that's why I remember it. Chilly has a nice, calming, and relaxing feeling to it. The recordings aren't really that bad.
Wind Walker has a neat melody. It seems kinda slow though, not much going on, but I guess that's what the drums are far. They'd probably keep it up. I really like the outro to it. The Trip is really cool. It's got a real mellow feel to it. I like it. Good job, keep up the great work.

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