So a friend of mine and I decided to write some seriously heavy music on the side from our regular band, which is still metal, just not nearly as heavy. Some of it is almost jokingly heavy, though it grew on us. Anyways, it would be great if we could get some opinions!


Our "band", Goretallica (yes it's a joke name)

Pretty good stuff.

The inrto's are a bit too long though and there's not enough in them to keep someone interested.

Excellent guitaring tho.
Why do you hurt me!
You fucking disgust me!

My Gear:

Stagg G-Force Flying-V

Chantry Strat copy (love it all the same)

Jim Deacon JD28CE

Marshall MGCD15 amplifier

Behringer OD-100 Overdrive/Distortion pedal
Pretty sick. Intro is a little out of place sounding to me (in the first song), but the rest was kickass, and I don't even like music this black metal-based.

I actually really like the two different screamings that you have going on, its a nice difference. Some clean vocals thrown in every once in a while wouldnt be half bad either. The movie/tv show clips are awesome too.