If you've heard of them, I'd like to know your opinion. Just for kicks of course, it doesn't have to be serious I guess.

Personally, the lead singer sounds like a late Rob Halford (Judas Priest), as in the years of Painkiller and Screamin' for Vengeance. However; the second singer (Commonly referred to as a "Screamer" now days, I don't understand the concept, but I won't bash, it's a thing.) kind of ruins it for me.

I think they'd be an amazing band if they.. 1. Changed their name, it's really lame, even though their lyrics are the geekiest thing ever to back such a heavy sound, again trying not to bash, and 2. Got rid of that "Screamer".

It's my opinion, I read a lot of others comments (via Youtube, PureVolume and other band related sites that present band's material) and they down the lead singer instead of the "Screamer", I'd like to know other people's thoughts on this band.

Just a little note: I'm a huge fan of classic rock and blues. So when it comes to metal I get kind of guilty, but when it comes to new bands I get even more guilty, I don't know if anyone else feels that way (Like, your a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but you like a song from 50 Cent? ) You can add that too, if you will.

I think it was kinda original and cool to have a screamer and someone with a falsetto voice....
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I bought "Advance And Vanquish" a little while ago. I think they are a pretty good band. Nothing special, but I like them. I agree they would be better with a singer who did more of a deeper growl rather than a high pitched annoying scream.
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There alright, but sometimes I can't stand there vocalists voice, I think the one guys name is Jamie Hoop or something. He often sounds like a pack of cats fighting.
that kick ass, Deadly Sinners!
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