I have no life. I spend a lot of time on my computer. Too much time...at least 6 hours a day. Usually more. I used to be rather talkative, socially skilled and adept in social situations, but thanks to the internet that has all changed. I find I'm more quiet now and less skilled in communicating. Not nearly as out going.

I shudder to think what will happen if I continue this way. This is why I shall cut down.

Anyone else feel the same or shared a similar experience?
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Doesn't do you much good posting a thread here, now does it?

But yeah, I can relate. I dont spend that much time on the computer, but my social and communicating skills suck completely anyway.
My semester starts in september, and I dont have a job. well, I dont really want one, since I'm going to have a full time job when I'm done with the semester, so this summer I want to rest. all my friends are at the army, so there's not much for me to do.

So until my semester starts, all I do is internet, guitar, TV, food, sleep.
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well this week try to get on 5 hours a day. then next week start out at 4 hours. then like wednesday try 3 hours a day. then the next week try 2 hours. then on that wednesday try 1 hour. then the next week just get on and check your email/myspace/responses to your thread son here and then get off. then only use it again that day if you need something such as asking a question on here, research for school, "happy time" lol, or maybe just to get on for like an hour if you are bored. but once you get to that point try to keep it to a limit of 1 hour. once that hour is up just get off. dont say "well i need to do one more thing", just get off and go do something else.
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Good advice...LOL @ "happy time"
"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, your eyes will get sore after a while."
Balance my friend, balance.

Get it right and you won't have to ask yourself this stuff.

When you feel like you are doing too much of something, cut back. Make it balanced.
I just went to a party with a bunch of buddies of mine, and girls I'm friends with/some Ive had relationships with. It was incredibly awkward, like trying to learn how to talk again. I came in at the wrong times in conversations, didnt know what to say, or talked about things completely uninteresting to the people there. I'm also normally very outgoing, because I'm a prolific actor.

This is all due, I think, because I increased my practice regime again to 4-5 hours a day, and I basically sit up in my room all day (when Im not playing) listening to music, reading books, researching, writing, or talking to people online. I just completely cut myself off socially, the only interactions I have with people other than my immediate family is at band practice. I feel strangely shy and unincluded from the rest of my friends. So I can relate.
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I thought I was bad!! I still hang out with tons of people and maintain being on UG alot...I dont have a job but I would really like one...it kinda sucks this summer.
Don't blame the internets or pc/other activities.

I actually find it HELPS. When I hit 13 though I slowly but surely (till I hit 15 and a half) become much crapper socially in just about every sense, and it had nothing to do with using a computer.

Since 16 I have got a lot better again, and I use the pc every now and then - it does not harm.
Meh im always to busy to use the computer that much (except on the odd saturday.) But yeh sometimes I just find myself sitting at the computer just doing nothing and waiting for someone to come on to talk with because im so alone.