really interesting. I think with better recording it would be much better. You certainly don't look 15 dude...
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My toilet has seen some scenes that one would describe as 'deathcore'
the music is pretty chill, and the vocals are usually really good. "The Kids" is definitely my favorite song by you. The constructive criticism: you should change up your sound every now and then. Your songs tended to sound very similar. Overall, though, good job.
P.S. Your songs would would sound awesome with some bass.
you cant really stop them from asking for a critique i mean, they are here for the same reason as you.

but, i noticed there are two songs that i haven't heard before, and i have to say Blues Streak Breakdown sounds a lot better than some of the other ones you had on before, i can really remember what they were called. i remember you saying something a while ago about getting to record with some band or something. how is that going?
Oh yeah that band is moving next to me hear in about 6 months...than I will proably prusuit playing live gigs with them they are all in there late 20s and have been playing for years and have a lot of experance and like my music...yeah if you could rember what tracks you are talking about that would be great but if not all the same.

check out my other project as well if you want it has a bluesy song on it you might like