ok i have an LTD M-50
i love the guitar except the bridge! so i was wondering if i could install a floyd rose into it without it being to much of a hassle?

or would it better buying a whole new guitar? which i dont really wanna do coz i love this guitar. and i'm saving for a new amp anyway so i need the money really.
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To be honest, it's not really worth it. A decent Floyd would be setting you back around $250, then there's the cost of routing (I don't think you've got amazing woodworking skills, but hell, it's not even something I'd attempt myself) on top of that. You can get a guitar with a Floyd for just a tad more than that.
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Yeah just take that $500 or so and get an Ibanez S470 or RG 1570 or a Washburn X40 pro, they're the cheapest guitars with OFR quality trems I can think of. (ZR, Edge Pro and Schaller)