Well I'm currently seeing a therapist weekly, and depending on a few things I might be put on anti-depressants.

I'd like to know, for you out there who've been on anti-depressants before, do they actually help?

This is serious business >_>
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Yes and No, when your really down they make you feel so much worse, but when your only 'normally' down it makes it better. If that makes sense?

But, obviously it depends what you're taking!
used to be on them, didnt work for me and personally its kinda bull**** cause
they say it takes months for it to actually start working and might or might not help and they just look for other **** to put you on if it doesnt work
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I haven't used them but know people that have... They help, but doesn't solve anything. They just makes you pretend you're allright so try to take care of why you are depressed while on them.
i know people who've been on them and they all say they don't work very well, they just make you confused and blank rather than happier.
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oh so you came rushing in? lol XD

Well thanks for the answers. I expected "omg lol emo" or something like that.
I think about life, and then I think about death, and neither one particularly appeals to me..
Ha. I went to a therapist for about 6 months. Actually helped alot, but you have to want it to help. Not go in with a **** ass attitude
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After watching my mum go through the transition of starting depressants seven years ago, to finally finishing with them two weeks ago, I can tell you that you should try your very hardest to change your outlook on life and well-being before trying anti-depressants.

My mum first started on prozac, all seemed to be well for the first few weeks, but then it came to light that it certainly wasn't what it was cracked up to be, she had violent mood-swings and there really seemed to be no difference, which i think were due to the drugs. And then when we finally decided that it wasn't working, we went to the GP who said to us that it wasn't best to stop using anti-depressants, because its so difficult to get off them because the body becomes dependent on them. Instead he subscribed my mum on to effexor. Yet again, there was no difference, she was detioriorating and this was a very hard point in her life, so what does the doctor do? Increase the dosage to 200mg pills both day and night, which is pretty strong.

About last year she tried to go tee-total from the pills, and in the second day of it she almost wrecked the house and gave me a black eye in a rage. So yep, back on the drug.

And only just now, has she been able to go off the drug, and it has been an unbeliavably draining process. I have never been drastically depressed so i dont know how tough it really can be, and that the drug can be there as a help. But i gotta say, get your life together and enjoy the finer things in life, because if you dwell over things thinking about them youre only gonna end up more depressed.

I hope this helps.


There's some good advice here. You need to think long and hard over and over about this decision. It's an important one.

I've been through it too, so...
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I haven't used them but know people that have... They help, but doesn't solve anything. They just makes you pretend you're allright so try to take care of why you are depressed while on them.

That's probably not the problem. They're normally for people who have something chemically wrong that causes them to be depressed. seratonin and stuff like that. Antidepressants have different chemical type stuff in them that your own body doesn't produce enough of.

I take Zoloft (sertraline) and it works pretty good. The only problem is if I forget to take it it kinda sucks. even if I miss one day a couple of days later (even taking it like I'm supposed to after I miss the one) I'll get really sad about stupid stuff. Like one time when I did that I almost started crying listening to Pearl Jam's Last Kiss ( oh where oh where can my baby be / the lord took her away from me / she'd gone to heaven so I gotta be good / so I can see me baby when I leeeeave this world )

anyway, also, one time I didn't take my meds for almost a week cuz I couldn't find em (were in my bag from when I stayed the night somewhere) and I started going through like withdrawals. I was depressed, cranky, couldn't think straight, getting those brain jolt type things when trying to sleep. It sucked. Of course if someone was going to get off of it, I'm sure they could start taking gradually lower doses to avoid such horrible experiences. (and other antidepressants may not have as bad withdrawal symptons)

I'd go into it more, but this is the longest post I've made in a while already, and I'm sure our good friend Wikipedia can explain a lot better than me:
Antidepressant - Wikipedia

Hope that helped
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I'd say deal with wathever is your problem instead....
my moms been on those things for years and it only made her worse....
shes a freakin wreck these days....
anyways it takes a while for them to work yeah but it depends on what brand you use....
and think about if you actually WANT to walk around feelin' blank of emotion....
i'd prefer real emotion over a drug created one ANY day....
But thats just my opinion do what you feel is right dude, and best of luck to ye....
The problem is that if you are depressed(actually seriously depressed, not emo) for a long time, your brain stops producing things like serotonin almost completely. Anti-depressants work by forcing your brain to produce more. This takes a considerable time, and can have unpleasant side-effects, which often make people stop taking them. It's understandable, since they already feel like sh*t.
They won't solve the issues which made you depressed in the first place, just help put you in the frame of mind to deal with them.
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Anti depresents are almost as useless as therapists who are COMPLETELY USELESS! I saw a therapist for awhile and one thing we both realized was that I was 15 and that most of my problems were with my family making them out of my realm of control, so until your at the point in your life where your just a prick and you need someone to help you find that out about yourself Therapists are USELESS!

That just had to be done!!!

But for some seriously helpful advise...
But Anti-depressents are one thing i'ld stay away from... Like i've been going through a though phase too.. (ended the most seriously relationship of my life... a really bad end...)
So like i've been trying to fight it off, get over my depression and stuff. I did think of anti-depressants at one stage but they dont solve the problem. They're for people who are clinically depressed who get depressed for no reason due to chemical imbalances in their brain...

If your depression is not clinical and its manic, due to some **** you're going through in life, some events that have hurt you or you're life's just goin ****, then anti-depressents will only make u feel better for the short term but will do more damage in the long term.

The only solution to get over manic depression is to figure out whats causing it and eliminate the reasons to it. Basically making your life better. Doing something to make it better rather than just sitting in a corner being depressed all day. There is no power in sitting depressed in all. The power is in taking action. Taking action to solve your problems, to find the life you've always wanted. Only when you once start taking action towards achieving your goals (dont say you dont have any goals!! If you dont, then find some!!!), only then will you start feeling better!!

So first figure out whether your depression is clinical or is there some other thing in your life thats causing it. Sit down with yer therapist and go over it. Figure out whats wrong with you and your life thats causing the depression. Once you've figured out the root of the depression, then come up with a plan/stratergy to solve it, to eliminate the problem. Then take action towards yer plans!! Then you'll start to see your life getting better and you'll start to get rid of yer depression and start feeling better too...!

That should help you! If your depression is not clinical...
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Lol, i read the title as "The Rapist"

Edit: By reading above, I'm guessing i wasn't the only one

Anyway, my mate was on them, she said they didn't really help.

Im on these ones because fluoxetine had bad side effects.
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