well i got this korg tuner Ga whatever the guitar is a Ibanez grg170dx when i tune the 6th string *maybe im doing this wrong just going by this site* says to it to E open string ok so i do that right... do i move on to the next string ? 5th which is says its A? ok so i tune that one... i tune them all to where this tuner says they are ok i go back to the 6th string to test it again ... and its way out of tune on the tuner... been reading sites for a few hrs sorry to ask for help once again lol.. just a bit annoyed on why it keeps screwing up.. prolly me....
yes. thats normal. The entire bridge and strings on a guitar are a bit of a dynamic system, everything affects everything else when you change it (you do not have this issue on a hard tail)
you usually have to tune through all the strings a couple of times before getting them all right

also, try tuning the strings by jumping to opposite sides and back
1st strings -> 6th -> 2nd -> 5th -> 3rd -> 4th
Is it only out of tune on the tuner or is the string itself out of tune also?
tuner says its in tune when im hitting the string etc i tool all of them to what the tuner says is ok then when i go back they are all out of tune again *by the tuner anyway* i have no idea what they suppose to sound like first time touching a guitar if it was a computer id be alot better off sorry if these are stupid questions like i said i did try and read before i posted lol.. found this cyberfret site that has helped alot so far
That's probably because you have a tremolo system. Basically a tremolo means that when you tune your guitar, when you tune one string up another goes down and vice-versa. So you'll be spending a lot of time tuning. Just tune each string a little bit each time, and go over the strings many many times and eventually you'll be tuned.
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yeah was wondering why i was so damn bad sounding was getting all down thought it was tuned right when i first got it i didnt know that you could tune it to different keys so i just tuned it to whatever it was on i guess then i started reading that cyberfret site... lol seems to be reading right now thanks alot