I've got the basics of a song. Given to me by the singer/keys in my band. I have to come up with a Guitar part, Bass, Drums etc.

What would you add?

The song can be heard at www.myspace.com/11eleven11eleven11

The instruments available are standard band stuff. If you listen to the other songs you will get an idea of what I mean(full symphony orchestra is a nice idea but, not available).

Although I don't play a guitar solo in the other songs, I have been given the artistic lisence to put a solo in.

The song can be re-arranged to fit things in.

If you are a myspacer- add a coment

Or, reply to this thread.

Hope you like


ps I'm not giving any royalty away for any input. x(LOL)x
It ain't bad. I like it how it is.
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