Alright I've been working on this for a little bit, thought I'd change my style slightly, and go for something more opeth esque, with a little of my own flavor. Let me know what you think.
Lady of the lake.zip
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*Gets in quick*

Didn't care much for the intro until bar 16, bars 16 & 17 are almost too Opeth

The riff at 34 was amazing Very intricate, and well done.

50-53 seem a bit lackluster, don't really serve a purpose.

The riff at 54 was great though.

The one @ 64 was just plain awesome aswell.

The clean bit is epic.
Love the Jazz guitar there, again, very Opeth.

So is 115 and the likes

Didn't really like the riff starting 170, sounded out of place to me.

That chord in bar 257 was rather painful , and even more so when the distortion guitar comes in. I'm all for dissonant stuff, but this is too dissonant.

I'm not going to lie, but i did laugh when the guitar solo started at 303, it's like, Opeth riff, Opeth riff, heavy riff, happy classic rock solo

Loved the clean part after that though.

Nice closure.

Excellent song though, very hard to do something like that, Great job.

C4C Oui? (Watch edit for link )

EDIT: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=619242
that was pretty cool.
i liked it all, and really have not much to say about it.

I liked the solos, both with the jazz guitar and at the end.
the acoustic parts are great, and also the distortion parts.

well, thats all i can say,
not much, but still someting.

crit mine?
The intro, wasn't a fan of... never have really enjoyed slow acoustic intro's... but that's just me. Plus it was just WAY too Opeth.

After bar 54 however, it was awesome, really nice. The acoustic interlude was also nice, enjoyed it very much so. Don't really like the second acoustic part so much, nor the distorted part after that.

Solo... as much as I enjoy the shredtastic fun we've here on UG, I'd have to say I relaly enjoyed that solo, fit the song perfectly. Haha but again, it should be longer

Overall, nice song... not perfectly within my tastes, theres parts I dont like, parts I love. But then again, that's how I am with opeth...

I'd say 7/10 or so.. simply because the acoustic parts could have been better, especially the last one.

Crit mine? It's on the first page...
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Critting as I listen. I've been waiting for this.

Intro is somewhat creepy... I like...

25 on kicks ass. I love that riff.

The riff at 53 is very cool. It reminds of the awesome riff in the middle of The Grand Conjuration if it was on Orchid.

Rif at 62 is very Orchid esque.... Excellent stuff so far.

Acoustic section is also very nice. Very well placed, nice atmosphere. When the Jazz guitar comes in, it just makes it awesome.

The heavy chord riffs after it are pretty nice too. Not really up to par with the rest of the song, but nice.

I actually sorta like the dissonant parts... They set up nicely for the solo.

The solo was good. Slightly happy, but good. And it lead perfectly into the outro.
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Awsome stuff man.
i loved the riff that started at bar 54 that was sick.
the interlude was awsome too. the little solo during it was cool too. i love those kind of solos.
the solos were awsome dude, absolutely awsome. i like how you didnt resort to mindless shredding for them ahahaha.
the outro peice was cool too dude.
this is honestly one of my favorites from you.
the only thing that i didn't like really is that at bar 170 that riff got repetative. but with lyrics it wouldn't be noticable.
awsome stuff dude.
Thanks a lot for the crits guys!

And yea for the bar 170 riff and the Bar 202 riff, I had them shorter but as i heard them, i could sooo hear an opeth growl fading in at first and then you know, some awesome opeth vocals So I made em for vocals, in the unlikely event that I somehow learn to growl like michael
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

PSN: whatev27

Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

I don't really like the first part of the intro. It's too slow. It would be better I think if you put some kind of background noise behind it, just some kind of eerie sounding something. It gets a little better at bar 16, but it's still just alright.

When the electrics come in it's pretty cool.

For the part that starts 34, I would suggest maybe harmonizing that riff the last time just to make it a little different. I like the riff, though.

The part from 54-80 is sweet. This is great the way it is.

I really like the acoustic part after, but the slide in bar 85 from the C# to the D just doesn't sound good to me. The rest of the part is too--for lack of a better word--pretty for that little odd note to be in there.

The jazzy solo, though. Wow. Great. Eargasm, if I may throw that word out there.

The transition to the distorted part didn't really sound that great. That has a lot to do with GP though, I'm sure. I like that part starting at 122, though.

The part at 170 is a good riff, but I think you need to bring the drums in sooner. I would think after the first time it repeats start the drums.

The next riff goes on for a bit long, but it's still a good one.

I'm not really a fan of that next acoustic part. It's OK, but not nearly as good as the second one. That second chord is kind of nasty too. It fits with this kind of music, but I think you're kind of toeing the line haha.

Funny solo haha. It was just a little bit too happy. It was a nice solo, but a little out of place here.

It went nicely into the outro though, which was good. Nice way to end it. Another short lead would be great here too.

Overall though, great job dude. There are a few parts that could use some fixing, but this is still a great song. And yes, it's quite Opeth haha. Good, good.
^Haha thansk a lot dude
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

PSN: whatev27

Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

I for one, loved the intro. I actually loved all the acoustic guitar work in the song.

EXCEPT that chord progression at bar 254. I'm sorry dude, but... what the hell is that?

All the distorted riffs were pretty good. I have to admit that I got kind of bored during some of the strumming parts though.

The solo at 303 was decent, but it didn't really fit.

Bar 320 through the end was great.

Overall there was more good than bad, so... good job I guess.
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