i badly need new strings for my ibanez.

i play fast metal involving pinch harmonics and stuff
i know nothing about strings
what do i get?
well i enjoy ernie balls (that looks really funny typed out) so try some regular slinky's i also recommend using S.I.T. (stay in tune) strings
both are great brands and i use 10's (light) from both brands but also try out a set of 9's(extra light)
^^ that man knows what he's talking about
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My Choice
- DR 9's
- Dunlop 2mm
If you're into down tuning and all that jazz i'd suggest 11's. Nice a beefy to get that extra 'chug'. Try D'Addario or Ernie Ball.
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slinkies are nice, and i'd definitely get some thicker strings to give your guitar that 'chug chug' that metal needs
kill 'em a lot
I currently use Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies (top strings 9-11-16, bottom 26-36-46), but I'm going to get a set of Regular Slinkies next time around.
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if you're playing metal, you might want some strings with more steel in them.
power slinky's work great.
Erinie Ball!!
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