right im going to america in a months time on holiday and due to the pretty good exchange rates over here i get 50p to the dollar roughly which is pretty good.

im thinking of buying a guitar over there and im taking 500 quid which should give me near 1000 dollars.

what would be a good buy for that amount of money, retail price btw cos i aint buying over the internet for obvious reasons.

i dont fancy another ovation and also just an acoustic not electro acoustic


there are a lot of great guitars in that price range. I think you should find a shop near where you are staying and try a lot of guitars out.

See what you like, and what suits your styles.
im terrible with playing in shops though cos over here in the uk people just stare at you when your playing expecting you to impress them or something and its a little nerve wrecking lol.

ive heard some good things about takamines, martins ( obviously), seagulls and breedloves.

i may also go for a 12 string but i aint entirely sure yet. i just want something with a really clear bright tone that sounds quite full bodied in strumming and great in fingerpicking.
Not sure where in america your going, but you may want to google shop locations for the area. That's a good price range for alot of nice guitars. Find a large (been around a long time) shop or 3 and have at it.
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I'd just like to say, make sure you check with your airline about taking instruments onboard along with your hand luggage (dont stick it with your suitcase!)
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yh im going to inquire about it when i go to the travel agents in 2 weeks time. theyres so many guitars to choose from, im wondering wether to buy a 400-500 dollar acoustic and buy a pickup to install. what do you reckon?
Depends if you are going to use it live or not, do you need a pickup? good guitars come with good pickups. I hear good things about Taylors and breedlove. Try them. You HAVE to try it out in the shop though, trust me, screw everyone else if they stare at you. You are there for YOU only. You are spending 1000 dollars. What they think is irrelevant. Play some chords, check for intonation, and maybe play a song you like. Should be enough for you to get a feel for the sound.
well i went to say a guy called newton faulkner the other day, hes an upcoming artist over here, and his support was using this absolutely stunning taylor, the sound was just magnificent and just nothing like what i get from my ovation which sounds quite plain to be honest.

well im going to florida cant remember exactly where though, i know its pretty close to the disney parks tho lol, typical british tourist haha.

tbh i want an acoustic that sounds both good unplugged and plugged in. when i got my ovation it was such a great feeling but i dont seem to feel like it anymore, everyone else tells me how good i play and how nice it sounds but i just dont feel it anymore. plus my ovation has a plastic body so percussive acoustic which im quite fond of isnt really guna get going.
I'm confused, you said in your first post that you wanted an acoustic and not an acoustic-electric... but now you are talking about wanting a guitar that sounds great plugged in as well.

If you want an acoustic, I recommend these guitars highly:


Those are some of the best acoustic guitars I've played for under $1000. Also check out Guild and Blueridge in this price range. I cannot recall specific model numbers for these two brands, but I know that I've played all solid-wood guitars from both manufacturers for less than $1000 and was quite impressed by them. You mentioned Taylor, but I really don't know of any Taylors for $1000 or less that I like very much.

If you are looking for an acoustic-electric, try this one out if you can:


There are other good acoustic-electrics out there in your price range, but that one is my favorite.
^All of those Alvarez's that Jim linked to there also come in an acoustic/electric model for less than $1000.

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^-- That's right, I have seen an MD90 with a cutaway, pickup, and preamp. I forgot about that!
that breelove is absolutely stunning. how does it sound plugged in, sorry i didnt make it that clear but i figured that as long as it sounds good then i dont care if its electro or not.

that breedlove has caught my eye though.
The Fishman Classic IV is a great pickup system to begin with, but I think the guitar sounds fantastic both unplugged and plugged in.
right then , i believe im guna go searching for that one in mind but also try a few others mentioned, for some reason i just dont fancy a martin, but maybe thatll change when i pick one up.

right ive found a guitar centre shop which is close to where im staying and it has the breedlove atlas and it has the twelve string version but il probs go for the 6 string, though it would be fun to own a 12.
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When you get there, ask about your hotel or whatever about local shops too. They provide a lot better service than Guitar Center does, and you can haggle a bit more.

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