Alright, I have a MIM Tele that I'm looking to do a few mods on. Namely, I am interested in putting a humbucker in the bridge and I am unsure on what that will entail. Is there enough room under the bridge cover to put a humbucker and just swap out the bridge, or will I have to cut down the wood to fit it in? And is swapping pups something simple that I can do on my own, or would you recommend a trip to the luthier?

Also, on a related note, does anyone know of a good humbucker for a heavy distorted sound?(think Buckethead and Metallica ). I was considering a Fender Enforcer or a DiMarzio of some kind, but any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If you fit a standard sized humbucker, you'll need to replace the bridge, as it's for a single coil shaped hole in it, and route the body to fit it.

If you go for a hotrail you'll get something like humbucker sound but without the need to go through all that hassle.

Changing the pickups is easy enough if you have come common sense and you are reasonably proficient with a soldering iron.
Don't toy around with a humbucker bridge. The single coil bridge sounds much better. A tele bridge with a big cutout for a humbucker will... sound bad. If it's absolutely necessary for you to have a humbucker, either get it in the neck or get a hotrails for the bridge.
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I was considering a hotrail in the bridge, but I've heard that they can't get the same heavy tones that a real humbucker can get. Is that true or should I just swing for one and not worry about it? (I can get a hotrail for 30 dollars so I guess if it sucks I can switch it back without wasting too much money). The single coil in the bridge right now isn't terrible or anything, and it can get fairly heavy, but I just need that extra crunch.
swing for it dude Do what I am doing! Im putting a hotrail in the middle, and a lipstick tube at the neck with a vintage tele at the bridge. All this on a Tele btw! (If that's what I should call it)