hey everyone. i just bought my first classical guitar, and i started to learn some classical songs. so far, i've learned fur elise, greensleeves, and carol of the bells. i love the way these songs sound and would love to learn more like them, but have been unsuccessful in finding more. not only do i not know anymore names, but the search for "classical", "classic" and so forth have returned very few results. can someone please refer me to some more beautiful classics? i would greatly appreciate any feed back. thank you.
beethoven's symphony 25. it's fantastic. loads of fun to play.
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i couldn't find 25th. is it on UG? or did you mean 5th, because i found that one and it is pretty sweet.
anything in the book sonatas and partitas for solo violin by bach sounds awesome on acoustic.
thank you for all your replies, i'm going to check those out. my friend also recommended classico by tenacious D as a starting point for a couple other songs. and that romanza song - i got the tab and learned some of it, but it just doesn't sound familiar, so i'm not quite sure how to play it. but thanks again for the help!
its not on UG but look for the Chris Parkening volumes
u should be able to find them were ever sheet music is sold
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