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I searched for a thread and couldnt find one, so here goes.

In no specific order:

Noel Redding - The Jimi Hendrix Experiance

John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin

Jack Bruce - Cream

Jared Followill - Kings of Leon

Geddy Lee - Rush
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Peter Hook - New Order/Joy Division
Justin Chancellor - Tool
Troy Sanders - Mastodon
Jesse F Keeler - Death From Above 1979
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden

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In a specifi order:
1) John Myung - Dream Theater
2) Mike LePond - Symphony X
3) Thomas Miller - Symphony X
4) Randy George - Neal Morse
5) Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
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Mark Hoppus - +44, Blink 182
Sid Vicious - Sex Pistols
Alex James - Blur
Mike Dirnt - Green Day
Nate Mendel - Foo Fighters
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No order:

Cliff Burton - Metallica
John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin
Tim Commerford - Rage and Audioslave
Justin Chancellor - Tool
Geddy Lee - Rush

Edit: I had Flea, but realised I had no Geddy.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
1 - Justin Chancellor - Tool
2 - Cliff Burton - Metallica
3 - Flea - RHCP
4 - Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
5 - Chris Wostleholme (sp?) - Muse
Justin Chancellor
Greg K
John Myung
Nick Oliveri
Juan Aldrete
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Cliff Burton - Metallica
Stu Hamm - Joe Satriani, BX3, etc.
Jaco Pastorius - Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius
Flea - RHCP
Ryan Martinie (sp) - Mudvayne
Cliff Burton - Metallica
David Ellefson - Megadeth
Frank Bello - Anthrax
Geezer Butler - Black Sabbath
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
1) Stu Hamm
2) Marcus Miller
3) Jaco Pastorious - Weather Report era
4) Stanley Clarke
5) Steve DiGiorgio
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Geddy Lee - Rush
Cliff Burton - Metallica
John Entwistle - The Who
Frankie Bello - Anthrax
Pat Badger - Extreme
John Entwhistle - The Who
Steven Dail - Project 86
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
Paul Simonon - THE CLASH
GeddyCliffDave LeeBurtonEllefson - RushTallicDeth.
no order....

Justin Chancellor-Tool
Steve Harris-Iron Maiden
Tim Commerford-RATM Audioslave
Mike Dirnt-Green Day
Terence Michael Joseph Butler
John Baldwin
Michael Peter Balzary
Larry Graham, Jr.
William Collins

I used real names, because I'm cool like that.
The three J's - Francis Pastorius, Paul Jones, and Ent Wistle. Their order depends on the mood I'm in.

4) Herbie Flowers - Session Musician with Lou Reed, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, by my books, the greatest studio musician I've ever heard. Yes, better than Jamerson in my book.

5) Manthing. Do I really need to explain this choice?
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Les Claypool - Primus, A ton of side projects
Cliff Burton - Metallica
Geddy Lee - Rush
John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin
John Entwistle - The Who
No Order:

Geddy Lee - Rush
Cliff Burton - Metallica
Roger Waters - Pink Floyd
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin
Justin Chancellor - Tool
Martin Mendez - Opeth
Jeff Caxide - Isis
Nathan Hugues - Solo Bassist
Gonzalo Silva - Solo Bassist

EDIT: Chancellor is my #1 but the rest are really in no particular order.
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krist novecelic-nirvana
chris #2-anti flag
mike d-killswitch engage
john paul jones-led zeppelin
mike dirnt-green day
Flea-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Justin Chancellor-Tool
Cliff Burton-Metallica (R.I.P.)
Jeff Ament-Pearl Jam
Victor Wooten-Solo, Bela Fleck & The Flectones
Butler, Burton, Harris, Webster, and Brown.

Wow, that sounds like a law firm.
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1.) Ryan Martinie - Mudvayne
2.) Tim Commerford - Rage Against The Machine
3.) Matt Freeman - Rancid
4.) Cliff Burton - Metallica
5.) Steve Harris - Maiden
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I can't believe nobody said Chris Squire..
A shame.
Go listen to some Yes. >.>

1)Chris Squire - Yes
2)Geddy Lee - Rush
3)Geezer Bulter - Black Sabbath
4)Troy Sanders - Mastodon
5)Cliff Burton - Metallica
how did nobody say lemmy?!! im actually in shock. anywho, he needs to be on a list so i was forced to name mine.

-chris from muse
-and lemmy again
No order
Steve Harris
Cliff Burton
Duff McKeagan
Rex Brown
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Justin Chancellor - Tool
Chris Wolstenhome - Muse
Mani - Stone Roses/Primal Scream
Tina Weymouth - Talking Heads

Those four bass players have directly influenced me. My fifth influence is going to be a somewhat cheaterish catch-all - "shoegaze and trip-hop music".

I stand out like a sore thumb among all the funk and metal players I play with.
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These are in order:

1.) Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2.) Twiggy Ramirez/Jeordie White - Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails
3.) Les Claypool - Primus
4.) Tim Commerford - Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave
5.) Jim Creegan - Barenaked Ladies
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Geddy Lee
Josh Ansley
Justin Chancellor
Mic Todd

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no order per say

Justin Chancellor - Tool
Sean Malone - Cynic, Gordian Knot
Tony Choy - Atheist, Cynic
Tony Levin - King Crimson, assload of other side projects
Nick Oliveri - Kyuss, QOTSA, Mondo Generator
Jaco Pastorius
Chris Wolstenholme- Muse
Jack Bruce- Cream
Micheal Manring
Tim Connerford- Rage Against the Machine

Honorable Mention: Sting, Flea
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