Here's a little sweep picking phrase and I'm trying to figure out what the best way to pick this one would be?

I'd guess the obvious choices are either UUUDDUD.... Or UUDDDUDU... Are there any other ways, and is either way better than another?

learn the opening line of Rodrigo y Gabriela's Tamacun for more practice with that

Oh and the second is better
I would personally do it the second way, but alot of people will tell you the first way. Its whichever way you feel most comfortable, really. I dont really like going up and then skipping a string on the way down, so Id rather do it the second way
It depends if you are repeating this lick,I would say try this:


It looks tricky, but is is the most economic way, if you use ''indise'' picking
Whatever way works for you, I've seen the technique employed a million different ways, as long as it sounds it's cool, personally I would start the first note on a downstroke, I've seen a lot of good players do it like that, but for my own comfort, I start on an upstroke...
well out of laziness i started doubling up on the roots of the arpeggio to make one fluid sweep everytime, and you can't hear a huge difference when played fast, but hopefully you won't go that route.

but if it intrigues you...

e ------10-p-5---------5-h-10------------------------
B -------------6------6----------------------------------
G ---------------7-7-------------------------------------

it would just be U U U D D D over and over, but it's boring.

a great practice for the beginning sweeper, though!

also when you hit the last note of your sweep in that pattern, and quite a few others, try tapping it instead of fretting it, and it'll usually make your sweeps more fluid and you won't have to change positions as much.
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I personally like the first one, I find it gives me a more legato tone.
Mayve not the same for you, but hey
i would personally hit that first note with a downstroke, that technically is correct.
^ Yes, start with a down, then up, then up again (economy).
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