Yeah he owned the iPhone. He didn't even mention the ridiculous price though.
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
dude, that's been up for almost two weeks. I'm sure most fans will have seen it and anyway, not his best.
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i enjoy getting boners. they make me feel important.

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George Lucas didn't invent Christianity, although he was a big contributor.
As he also told the world that "if manliness had a soundtrack, it would be metal", the content of that article is irrefutable.
His posts have been few and far between for almost a year now, he's pretty busy and has more important things to work on than his site.
There is no end to creation.
Meh lately it seems he's been bitching just for the sake of bitching. I miss the Maddox that made such classics as "Christopher Reeve is an asshole" and "Love your kids? Prove it by beating them".