Well, I thought they were weird... man I'm fucked up

Threads such as these https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=471193

Well, this is my new dream, I had it about a month ago and was contemplating on whether to share with you or not, but I am. It goes as follows:

I'm in my local shopping center, and this herd of sheep come charging from every direction. I decide to herd them up, so I go into a shop and buy a big pink dress with a stick. I'm now sitting on the sofa talking to my mum, about me wearing the dress. I go upstairs to go to the toilet, and I remember consciously thinking "Hmm, I wonder what it's going to be like having a poo in a dress. I sit on the toilet and a vacuum comes down from the ceiling and strips me naked, then i get sucked into the toilet. I'm in the sewers, and i break through this furry hole, onto this dessert. It turns out to be the crowning ceremony for the king of Mongolia, and there are loads of lizards there, bowing down to the king. The king is sitting on a platform and he is my father. Everything weirdly molds into a studio, and my dad starts rapping into a microphone, with the lizards plating violins and cellos...

That's it... /long pointless thread.
Everyone likes sharing their dreams, nobody likes listening to them.

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Dude you're crazy for thinking into it this much. They're dreams you have no control of. They're always a bit random. Be glad you're not having nightmares.
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