For a Peavey Classic 30!! Which one do you think is better as far as, which is constructed better, more durable, will last longer? Thanks



I've also read reviews on the Peavey made one. They say it feels cheap and is not that well constructed. I think the first one on eBay looks more durable.
the peavey one is really cheap. it does the job though, mine hasnt broken.

edit: i have a peavey classic 130 also. i dont know if its the same, but mine needs a midi footswitch
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the one on ebay looks good, and it is cheaper as well. ive had no problems with my peavey one, but it does feel a bit cheap. works fine though and ive had more problems with my amp than the footswitch (one minor problem in 3).
er related question to this topic: are all two button footswitches with 1/4'' jacks interchangeable? cause i have a footswitch for my vox ad30vt like that, would it work with the classic 30? (i'm thinking about getting one.) or do you need a "special" one?
Although I've never tried it, the one on ebay is probably fine. I use a 2 channel Kustom foot switch with my Classic 50 that I bought for around 20 and its pretty nice. It has stood up to quite a few over-enthusiastic stomps and it can support my full weight.

I relabeled it because it was backward for my amp and I kept hitting the wrong switch

^And chances are the ad30 foot switch will work with your Classic 30. (assuming that it is a standard two button switch connected to the amp with a stereo cable)
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