but if you are the type of person that likes to have the physical object, i'd definitely invest in it, it certainly seems to be advantageous to use it
I found his video too boring for my tastes. A lot of people seem to like it though..
Nah, the ones in youtube are crap =]

Search for it in google video, someone uploaded it all in one part. then download it using a video downloader (search in google 'download video google' or something along those lines).
And there's a Guitar Pro Tab with everything on Rock Discipline.
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i have it it has helped me alot. great for all skill levels too. the tab book is key to have. if you can get it as a pdf go for it.i watch it once and a while and maybe i can do the exercises half as fast as him in 5 years!
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I have the Rock Discpline DVD pdf posted on a site. PM if you want the link.

About the DVD, yes, is worth every penny, especially if you want a good shredder's practice routine.
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as a pdf?

yeah, it exists in a pdf format, if you're lucky you might be able to find it using a p2p program