Has anyone listened to the First Smashmouth Record? For anyone who is interested download the song FLO. Actually the whole first album is really good punk rock with some solid ska influences.
I've always liked them, even their non-ska records.
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I never noticed the Ska influence.

But then again, when I listened to them, I was like 10 and didn't know what Ska was.
that's why I like his voice. Nasty and raw soundin. Not every one has to be the best singer in the world for me.
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Ahh, smashmouth, how i miss thee.

Flo is an awesome song, and just for knowing it, Reggae Demon desereves a medal or something.
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I just know allstar and never saw them as a punk-band....ok a little ska-influence....but isn´t it rather pop-punk stuff?

They sound like primary school alternative music

Listen to the album "Fush Yu Mang" and you'll definately find the ska influence...it's quite a fun album actually.