Well I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now. It's not a popular or expensive guitar just a $150 one to get me started. I've learned a bunch of chords and I can switch between them pretty fast now. (yes I haven't practiced loads, should be farther than that at six months) But my question is what's the next step you should take? What should you start to learn next? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Sorry if this is a stupid question...
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Learn your scales. Thats it. Learn your scales and some theory to back them up. Then just learn a bunch of songs you like. Analise (sp?) those songs. What key are they in? What scales do the guitarist base their solo's on? Etc. Once your done that, then you may do whatever you'd like.
You should start learning some songs you know.. e.i. Sweet Home Alabama, Stairway to Heaven, Comfortably Numb, ect.. just work on the main parts for now and work your way up to the solo's.
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Well you could start learning sweep picking now :P (jk)

Learn the 12 bar blues, the pentatonic scale, and have some 1 jam with you, them just playing the chords to the blues and you improve over it. Its a great and easy skill to learn when your starting, as soon as you have the chords and scales down.

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1. do you knw how o read tablature? 2.if you do then you should start playing songs like Iron Man and get aquanted with power chrods and move on to Metallica. after u get used to regular and power chords start playing with Drop D and other drop tunings. when u get good enough move on to Children of Bodom like stuff and Three Days Grace for Drop tuings ( Children of Bodom uses Drop C and Three Days Grace Drop D) theres my advise.
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Learn the minor pentatonic scale.
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TS, pick an easyish sounding solo from a song you like, and try and learn it.
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Also try going to the "Musician Talk" forum and see if anything peeks your interest. The Musician Talk forum is a wonderful place, lots of smart people there too, and nice.