hi, i wonder if anyone can suggest why i am getting a small but quite painful electric shock from my guitar strings when i have my guitar plugged into my roland micro cube and the cube plugged into my laptop via the record out. It only seems to happen when i have the bridge humbucker selected aswell.

any suggestions? bare in mind it only happens when plugged into the cube record out and when the bridge pickup is selected. thanks
the grounding is bad, check for bad soldering points.
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ya a lot of guitars ground the bridge to reduce hum, but it seems the ground is getting energized at some point by a bad connection so make sure all points connected to ground should be touching ground.
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if u get shocked, it's ur amp. or the wall. unplug and dont use it, as thats a serious problem.

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only time i ever get shocked is if i reach up to turn the ceiling fan on by pulling the chord. I get a shock that i feel through my whole arm
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Even if its grounding it shouldn't shock you. Make sure the amp is grounded (3 prong plug). since its only the bridge humbucker it sounds like it wasn't grounded right and is somehow turned into a capacitator and holding a charge untill you touch it and then it releases it into you....
I just read an article on gearwire on electric shocks and people have died because of poor grounding. So no, it's not funny.
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like someone said about, its either the outlet or the amp...

If you plug a cable into an amp, and grab the end of the other side...you dont get any kind of electricity or shock... So either there is a bad connection inside the amp... or the ground connection in the outlet is faulty...
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hmm reminds me of my axe. when im just sitting on the floor of my room right playing guitar, and i pop an ipod headphone in one of my ears to play along with sumthin or like wen im learning it, and i have my hand resting on the bridge and i then touch the ipod, the axe shocks me.

i dont like it...
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Anytime you are getting shocked it's serious. Good grounding helps protect you by shorting and blowing a fuse, but it isn't the source of the problem. Miss-wired electrical equipment or sockets can cause it. And a lifted ground removes the protection.

You can touch metal thats shorted to electrical voltage and not get hurt if you are insulated. Shoes on carpet for example. But that voltage can turn lethal if you ground part of your body. Say touch a properly grounded lamp or stand on a tile floor in your bare feet.

A voltmeter and knowledge on how to use it is your friend in a situation like this.
Lol i have the same problem with my Fender Super Reverb, Since it doesnt have the 3prong plug i have to look at the wires to see which way to plug it, (it doesnt have one thicker than the other so you can plug it one way or the other). So when its not plugged in right if im not in a way grounded i get a little shock.
Same happened with me, in that case it was bad soldering on the input jack. dam wierd feeling youre just playing and all of a sudden 'gzzzzz gzzzz' ouch
I had a similar problem. Everytime I put my hands on the laptop keyboard, I would start to hear a big hum, and I just assumed the tubes were picking up the electrical whatnots, so I ignored it, and after a little bit, my left arm was resting on the neck, and a fret burned me.
you are lucky that didn't happen when playing a 100watt tube amp, or you wouldn't be asking for advice now.
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