Hi, i know this kind of thing gets done a lot and its all down to personal preference but i feel that having the right strings is important and so i must ask. What are the main differences between elixir nanowebs and dr tite fits? i currently have dr tite fit 10-50 on my 25.1 scale guitar and while i like them, they are kind of tight feeling for my liking. so i am thinking of going back to 10-46 and might try elixir though DR are my current fave brand.

Out of people who have tried both, how would you compare them? also how do dr high beams compare to dr tite fits inyour experience? thanks

other brands i have tried are:
GHS (great for about 1 hour then crap)
Daddario (hate them, feel too 'metally' and rough to my hands and strangely tight)
Ernie balls (not bad, i like the softer feel of these strings though tone is average).

of course those are just my opinions based on my experiences. please help. cheers
Hey I know how you feel, there are so many suggestions, my favorite strings are DR as well, but if you want to know the difference of DR and the Elixir you posted above, here it is, (for what I hear at least):
**Dr: is handmade and contains a grunge sound preference.**

**Elixir: has long lasting quality strings and have more of a blues or light rock preference.**

Again it is all preference and it is just to whatever info I gain about the strings through people I ask and talk to. *Hope this was helpful*
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i havent actually tried DRs, but i have tried dadarrios, ernie balls, ghs, and elixers.

out of all of them, id defianatley use elixers. last forever.

ernie balls arent bad either, the others in my opinion are crap.
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elixers are pretty nice on acoustics, but imo, they change the tone of my electrics too much for my liking.
the coated feel is nice, and they last pretty long, but cost about 3 times more, so i guess it's about even.

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Funny but i got a pack of elixors that lasted 1 week before 1st string snaped like a terrorist in an interrogation
DRs are by far the best strings i've tried. they feel great and the last for ages, feel real smooth as well. but they stil got plenty of "grip" if you know what i mean.
Elixers are the only strings I will use on my acoustic guitars. Period. Best string you can buy for acoustic instruments IMO.

On electrics, that's a different story. The Elixer plain strings always tarnished quickly on my electrics for some reason. I've switched to the DR coated strings and never looked back. I play everything from jazz to country to rock and even metal and these strings sound great on everything (especially for the "bouncier" toned stuff like Andy Timmons and John Mayer).
for me, i hate elixir's. they feel greasy. DR is my main brand of string now. i used Daddario for a few years and then decided to try out DR and never looked back. i personally perfer the tite fit over the pure blues, theyre too bright for my taste being pure nickel.
Also if you are using a strat and your strat is setup for non stainless steel strings u might have to adjust the bridge. Also my bridge is completely flat on the body, does that mean when i put elixirs back on will i have to adjust it?
i wudnt noe, i use ghs. i like em but yeh i dont really expect alot in strings, theyre just strings i rekon its more to do with ur hands that gets the sound.
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