I just my first guitar today.
its a squier strat.
and im not sure how to install the whammy bar.
the pack came with some tools and im not sure if i really need them...
wind the bar into the bridge like a screw.
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wind the bar into the bridge like a screw.

simple as that.
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Keep the tools - but don't mess with them until you know what you're doing. They are needed for adjusting the action (height of strings) and the truss rod (something inside the neck which does something really important but i forgot it, something like keeping tension. its 2am. forgive me)

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i did that but it doesnt make that whammy bar noise...

if i move it a bit the noise doesn't change

Push it down.
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Turn the bar so that is facing the neck of your guitar and push the end of the bar toward the body of the guitar. Also, being your first day, you won't be needing the bar for a while.

Edit: Fixed the puss it
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puss it!?!?

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so i shouldnt use it??

You can play around with it, but you aren't going to be using it in any songs, yet.
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Yeah if you're just starting out, you won't really need it
Some people (like me) don't use it ever
It depends on what genre of music you play
All it'll do is send your guitar out of tune, which isn't really ideal when you're just starting out. Also the "whammy" noise you're thinking off isn't just a case of moving the bar, it's a fairly advanced technique involving harmonics and the bar. Those sounds are also dependent on having a high-gain amp, you'll struggle to get them on your average starter amp.

The main point is that it's not important at the moment, if you're just starting off then you should worry about learning to play the guitar. Learn how to hold it, how pick, how to play chords etc...that alone will keep you occupied for weeks.
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well I have a squier strat.. actually an affinity fat strat and the whammy doesn't do anything (or at least in my case) cos the springs in the back are pretty stiff, so its grounded and it doesnt go anywhere, i have 3 springs, that might be the problem in your case, also since im posting here can somebody tell me should i leave one or two springs so I can work the whammy?
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