I need help doing harmonic pinches. I can basically do them, but they sound very soft and wimpy. I want them to sound loud and righteous like Zakk Wylde. Help me rise from the depths of mediocre pinch harmonics please!
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have you tried more gain?

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Yeah, more gain? Hotter pickups? Maybe your technique isnt perfected yet? Any of these things could be the problem..what set up do you have now?
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Try different ways of holding the plectrum, and different points along the string. I find just above the neck pickup is the best spot, may be different for you.
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i have a telecaster with fender premiums, and a behringer 400W cab with a marshall head and i have a digitech death metal petal so it's not that i dont have enough gain. It is probably my technique.
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How's the action on your guitar? If it's too close, or far up, it's hard to get them loud.
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Put your amp volume (not master), gain (if you have that as a knob) up. Then practice like that. Perfect it, then turn it down slightly each day. Try a pedal if you have one.
Try and boost the high end, turn up treble and leave your wah on toe down.
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Play everything else quieter.
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Play everything else quieter.



Seriously, try different points on the neck, I just got my pinch harmonic skills down, and on my SG, I find the best spot is somewhere between the two pickups, while on my freeway, it's almost on top of the neck humbucker...

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No really, it works well. Playing more quietly means that legato, pinches, etc. come out more equal.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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