I'm going to wake up tommorow at 6am and head over to the DMV to get my license. I'm not worried about the driving portion of the test, only the written section. Does anyone remember likely questions on it, problems you had, tips, etc? I really dont' want to have to go through the whole process twice.
trust me its easy, the questions are like "if you see a cop you should a)slow down b)maintain the speed limit c) speed up d) pull off the road"

or like "what is the speed limit in a school zone a)15 b)20 c)25 d)30"

also where i took it we had it on touch screen computers and there were signs and you identify it
What state do you live in? I live in Ohio and I didn't take a written test for my actual driver's license, but I did for my temps. The ones for my temps though were really easy, like someone who had just been riding in cars for 16 years could answer. There might be a question here or there that's actually tough, but it won't fail you. Mine was a touch screen. Good luck!
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I just had to drive around a parking lot to get my license =\ . I took a "written" test to get my permit.

Same, except I don't have my license yet.

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No written for me since that was last year for my permit. I'm going to take the test for my license Tuesday at 9AM. Too bad I can't find my birth certificate or Social Security card. Last time we showed them my birth certificate and they still spelled my name wrong on my permit.
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I took a "written" test too get my permit and the test I drove like a 2 mile circle around the dmv and passed. =/
The questions were much easier then I thought they would be.
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if you cant pass you suck...but i had only driven like 2 times before i took the behnd the wheel and i still got it..and i missed like 2 questions
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In Tennessee, the written test is taken when you get your permit. It's stupidly easy. One of the questions was "Which one of these is a stop sign?"