I was thinking about getting this acoustic online because it's cheaper. I'm pretty sure it is good becauase it is a Dean and its pretty much what I want, a cut away and electric. I was wondering if anyone has tried this guitar and would give me a little review sincer there's none on the site.

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I really think you could do much better by selecting one of the acoustics in the "best guitar for $300" sticky at the top and installing an aftermarket pickup. That guitar costs way more than its worth, and the electronics in it are ****ty anyways...not worth the extra cost. If you have to have a cutaway, I would check out an Washburn D10SCE...they around $360 and provide way more guitar for not much more money.

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I've had mine about 6 months. Love it. I've got a white one (#12 of only 24 made) and am getting the black one in the next month or so. Not from musiciansfriend but the place I got my white one from (pay a little more but the setup is perfect). I put Martin SP 11's on it and it sounds great. The electric neck makes it easy to play and I love the series 2 V headstock. I won't be buying any other acoustic until i get into the $1000 range. A buddy of mine has a Fender Malibu SCE that was $150 more and it blows his away for tone (he agrees). If you can swing the extra cost get the phonic 620 power pod PA to go with it. It will give it a range of tone that's really nice. I'm on this thing about 3 hours a day and love every minute of it.

Edit: The more I compare pictures between The musiciansfriend guitar and the one I have. These aren't identical and I wonder if corners were cut for mass production. I did pay about $100 more for mine. The biggest indicator is the painted fretboard. Mine has natural wood finish and the bridge is also different. The one you show here is painted. makes me wonder what other differences there are. The original V-Wing Raven was a limited run of 100 guitars. The V-Wing Dove came later with only 24 made. If your serious about this guitar you may want to hunt down one of the original 100. Those i'll vouch for. Not to sure about this one. Looks like there maybe some quality differences.
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i would really suggest staying away from the acoustic - electric if you cant spring the bucks for a solid top. for that price you can get a standard acoustic with a solid top which will sound better, no electronics, but if your not gigging, really no need. dont cut corners are the important stuff such as tone. as suggested check the 300 dollar guitar thread. and i second the washburn d10se, i really like washburn, its a little more but has a solid top, and even a solid back (i think).
personally, ive never played a dean i really liked.

in this range, you can afford a decent seagull, alvarez, or ibanez artwood. all three would be better in my opinion. you'll get a much more resonant tone.
I agree with everyone else about these low-end Dean acoustics and acoustic-electrics. They just really aren't very good guitars. They don't seem to be very well-made, they offer inferior features compares to other guitars in the same price range, the pickups are mediocre at best, and they just don't sound very good unplugged.