Hi everyone.
I'm looking for a guitar that meets the following specifications:
H-S-H style body
Floyd Rose tremolo (I could install one later, so this is optional)
Maple fretboard
Strat-like body
No paint on it (I want that wooden finish), or if there is paint on it then id like it to be white
No pickguard

I know its a lot, but I want to customize a guitar that looks like this. Any suggestions at all? I've been looking for a while and cant find one.

Thats a hard search.

Your best bet as of right now is most prob an ibanez that you will have to tweak alot!

When i find something ill let you know.
schecter used to make this rip off of strats not the strategys but it was called a strat i think accually not sure though but they come with floyd rose and probably could get an hsh one
A Jem? :/

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