hello, i am currently looking for a fender stratocaster but i have a road block. There are these two stratocasters that look exactly alike but one costs like $1200 more than the other.
Here are two links that have to do with the two guitars. please tell what the difference between them are.

the two guitars are:
Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Fender VG Stratocaster Electric Guitar

that is the expensive one

this is the cheaper one

thank you for your help
with the vg you can change the tuning by turning a knob. but thats the only diff i know
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The main difference is the fact the the VG Strat is American Made with better parts.. While the cheaper one is made is mexico. The VG strat also has roland synthesizer electronics in it making it even more expensive. Those are the two main differences.
wrong forum section, but the VG strat has a digital pickup behind the normal bridge pickup that allows you to do things like drop D open E or G i think, and humbucker tele and normal strat tones just by turning a knob, which comes in handy, but it's not worth 1,200 in my opinion, for that you could just get a humbucker guitar and actually *gasp* tune it normally, hahaha, the cheaper one is the more practical way to go
The VG strat has a shitload of onboard effects. It has a knob that changes your tuning !
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the VG model has a built in synthesizer by roland
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alot of it has to do with probably the electronics and where they are made.

mexican strats for example cost less than american strats
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the first is american made the second is mexican made
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