Funny how words fail at the most important times
I know neither of us knew exactly what we had
In this case words weren’t needed but it’s still a little sad

I guess sometimes goodbye is the only thing to say
It goes without saying that ill miss you everyday
But its ok don’t feel bad I know you could not stay

It’s a bittersweet emotion to watch you fly away
Things are so much different now colors turn to gray
But you must have your own life rise out of the clay

So take care and live the dream you know what to do
Go now please and don’t look back I don’t want you to
Alone and happy ill trudge on, memories of you

Don’t take crap from all the fools
I don’t care who made the rules
Lifeless zombies and their tools
You deserve the world
Don’t think it cant be yours
Just open up some doors
Surprising what you can find
When you’re no longer blind