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17 33%
28 55%
Neither (for people who dislike both alot)
6 12%
Voters: 51.
ESP. i just mainly like the overall look of theyre axes more than schecter, but i rekon schecter play better, depends both similar...
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Personally, I prefer ESPs, but Schecter is my second favorite. Schecter is a little bit easier to find than ESPs, though, at least around my area.
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above post +1

Never played one, but there doesn't seem to be enough variety with the shapes. I'm not just talking about metal guitar either. ESP do a Strat, a LP, an SG as well as there crazy good metal guitars.
mid range, i'd go with schecter. they're much better value for money than most of the LTD models - but £1000+ i'd be looking at ESP standards.
When it comes to a metal kind of guitar then I prefer Jackson.
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When it comes to a metal kind of guitar then I prefer Jackson.

I think they are more overpriced than Schecter end even ESP. ESP has become an overrated brand after their giant success with the latest Ecplise models (I do not know why, except they look fantastic). ESP's doesn't really sound THAT good compared to other brands like Gibson or PRS.

If Schecter made some sweet high-end guitars they would OWN the metalscene tomorrow.

Btw. I voted ESP, but I ment to vote neither.

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If you want a Les Paul shaped guitar with a gibson tone, and looking at the ESP eclipse, you're looking at the wrong guitars imo.
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Schecter have excellent mid range guitars. The c-1 Hellraiser FR has an original Floyd rose and EMG 18 / 85 and is ridiculesly cheep for its specs. Same guitar coming from ESP would most likely cost twice as much.

In all fairness though i say they would come out even. At this time i would probably buy a schecter if i were buying a new guitar but ESP rock all the way as well.
For those who care.
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I know many people disagree with me on this but I hate every schecter I ever played. Ive tried hard to like the hellraiser. ( I really wanted to buy one but they just sound so crappy) I have an ec-1000 and just ordered an mh-1000. I think ESP/LTD are constructed much better and with a lot more quality.
I like ESP more than Schecter, but I like Schecter more than LTD.
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I don't see how you could compare them- all the good ESP guitars are at least twice the price. Since you're not asking specifically as in with intent to buy...

reported, don't post.

You guys are gonna get competitive and it's gonna turn into a flame war.
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