i knnow most bass players naturally get sweep picking going dow (finger picking at least) or at least i did. the hard part is going up the strings that fast cause you actually have to pick each string.

has anyone found any ways besides sure brilliant speed to get this kinda of spped goign up the strings

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I'm assuming you mean going from G to E? For me that's the easiest way, I just use my index finger and..sweep!

However, if you mean going from E to G (Musically higher as opposed to geometrically higher), then whenever I need to sweep there I either push my thumb and index together and use my fingernail like a pick, or I use my thumb.
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Yeah, use your thumb and it's just like inverted raking.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
I also use UndeadPaperclip's thumb and index pic forming method for E->G sweeps (and for chords).

You can also use index and middle together in a raking motion, you're index will support the middle, it's a little bit harsh on the side of your finger though.