Yep, this weekend i went to see Michael Schenker Group (supporting scorpions) at a festival in the UK. I was looking forward to seeing what was once one of the 'gods' you could say, but as usual he was drunk / drugged of his head. He walked on stage late, had to mess about with his amp for a few minutes then his pedals. He started getting annoyed as people were shouting at him, he couldn't even string 3 notes together. Eventually he walked off in the huff and there was a bit of a rant backstage apparantly. He came back on 'listern ladies and gentlemenz, i will improvise! Do my best!'... 2 songs later, 'we have one minute, so we leave the stage..... now!'.

Check it out here:

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i hate musicians who go on stage in a state where they cant give at least a farly tight performance. people pay good money to see them, and they dont even have the respect to get drunk after performing
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tell me about it, it's ****ing criminal
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Yes i very much do agree, i went to a show alitle back and the original dtummer for the showdowm was drunk off his ass he messed up untill the singer asked if he was okay, then he through his sticks at the audiance and ran off, the new drummer kicks ass lol

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It is a fukin shame! the same also hapened to E.V.H. At the winter namm show, the vid can also be found on youtube somewhere.
He doesn't deserve to be endorsed by dean if hes going to play like that, apparantly he played the same at Manchester last night.
That was just plain awful. Sad, even.
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I'm not surprised that Rudi Schenker was pissed off, that was some of the worst playing I've ever seen. This guy has been playing guitar for God knows how long, he should be able to do this in his sleep. I'm assuming he's on some seriously strong dope, look at him wandering aimlessly after his sh*t solo spot. He has no idea what's going on.
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