Does anyone know anything about these? I know someone who is selling one for fairly cheap but I was just wondering if they are any good. Thanks in advance
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Hi! I actually know some guy who has one (he got it from his uncle for free apparently). I'm a rookie guitar player (I started, like, 3 months ago) and I want to buy his Vester. Problem is: I don't know **** about electric guitars, nor does the guy from who I'm buying it from.

So: Does anyone know how much its worth? Only things I know is that it's NOT a bass guitar, it's black, it has a light-colored wood neck, and there is NO "stage series" decal on the top of the neck. I played it for a sec and it seems to me like a decent guitar!
Furthermore: If anyone thinks he/she knows the Vester-type that I'm talking about, please post it!

I'm sorry for not being very specific in this post, but I really just started playing and I haven't had the time yet to do any research on all the types, part-names and sayings in the Guitarworld... So SORRY!
hey i have a vester too, and it does have a decal on the top of the neck, it says stage series.it has two double coils, 22 fret neck, and it has an awesome sound. the design is the best part, its like the one that alexi laiho uses.i wanted to get some info about vester guitars but on the net there seems to be nothing usefull. i would appreciate if anyone has any info on vesters.and bro, my vester is flammin', i suggest u buy it, plus its very good for amateur guitar players!
Vester are actually pretty good guitars, in england they go for over £100
I had one and sold it cos i didnt need it, it was a Stage Series Stratocaster, i've owned a Korean Squier before and they're almost the same except the Vester was slightly better

They're good guitars, if its under £100 then get it They're identical copies of big manufacturers (fender, gibson, ibanez, jackson etc)

v3nom89 could you get some pics of it?
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