I play one yesterday with an LTD Ec-1000 and thought it sounded pretty damn good. Does anyone else have one, or would anyone reccomend it?
I've got the RH200G3, which I believe is just a completely solid state version of the RH300G3, and I can get some amazing metal tones with it. Very versatile, and really great sounding.
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Yeah Randall are probably the best SS amps for high gain stuff. Alot of hardcore and metal bands around here use them. They have really focused tight distortion and pretty decent tone. I think the G3 hybrid ones aren't that much greater than the G2 series, you don't really notice the tube preamp until it's about 7 on the volume..

I'd recommend them for hardcore and like tech metal **** where you want really tight clear sounding distortion but the new G3 ones are a bit pricey so you should look around for an old G2 one and save a LOT of money and get basically the sae thing.