Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get some of against me's rarer tracks? I've got virtually all their b-side material but stuff like the Dont Lose Touch remix, Take Aim, Clap, Clap, You Must Be Willing, Full Sesh and Bastards of Young, that were on random compilations or vinyl is proving hard to track down. If anyone can help then that would be quality, cheers.
sorry sir, dunno and i hate them.
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ive got their older stuff like vivida vis, against me EP and most of toms first demo but is the random b-sides and compilation appearences i cant find. And im looking for a mix of nostalgics sake and a want to hear other stuff that theyve done. Yeh i agree some of their earlier stuff is nasty sounding but vivida vis is ok even if it sounds like it was recorded in a tin, but at least it dosnt have those horrible distorted vocals like on the self titled EP haha