Hey, I've been looking at the Fender 65 Twin Reverb (sounds amazing...), but anyways, I was wondering what the big deal is that it has a printed circuit board (PCB)? Is this somehow bad? Don't all "modern" tube amps have PCBs?

I've read that for a given wattage, a tube amp will be better than a solid state...is this true? If so, by how much?

I really want a tone like in the beginning of the following video where Clapton is soloing, which I believe this would provide (once I'm good enough of course...).
I know the amp itself can't distort your sound, but if you add pedals, can you have a clean distortion sound from it such as the kind Oasis does? I mainly play jazz, blues, and soft rock type of music, but want to be able to expand in the future, not to mention that I couldn't ever afford another amp again. Also, I am using a stratocaster.

Also, what are the differences between the Fender 65 Twin Reverb, Fender 65 Twin Custom 15 Combo, etc? Finally, this is probably a really stupid question, but what advantage does a "twin" have over a single speaker amp, such as the Fender 65 Super Reverb Combo Amp?

Finally if any of you have any other suggestions for amps, please let me know! I'm a fan of playing clean, and would rather chip out a little more for better than spending less now and regretting it later.

most tubes and fender ri's have pcb's. some people claim p2p wiring is better, but generally they are insane.

yes, a tube amp will sound far superior to any tranny i've heard.

your cleans will be great with the strat. the amp should be a great platform for pedals as well. i have a '59 bassman ri which is a similar circuit to the 65 twin and love it.

i can't speak as to the differences between the customs, etc, but and amp with two drivers of the same size adn type will produce greater amplitudes than a single speaker. there's a lot more to it and i don't pretend to understand all the complexities, but generally more speakers=louder.

if you're looking for clean american tone you're looking in the right direction. if you can, try out a bassman/vibroking/champ/etc. i think you'd be very satisfied with the 65 twin though.
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I'm not sure about the answer to your questions about the PCBs and such, but I can probably answer a few of your other questions.

Generally, people consider tube amps to be better than SS amps in most settings. I'm one of those people - they just sound much more natural and rich. That's not to say that SS amps are bad, they're very widely used and accepted in jazz. Sometimes I use my SS with my archtop to get some good jazz tones. As far as being better with a given wattage, I'm not really sure I understand what you're asking.

I have a Super Reverb, and I could very likely get that tone Clapton has with just my guitar and amp. The amp can and will distort, but your volume switch is the only way to get overdrive. And with a Twin Reverb, that's gonna be loud as hell. My Super Reverb starts to break up at around 6-7. Many people, myself included, prefer the sound of natural tube breakup to overdrive pedals. But in order to get those tones without shattering your windows, it may help to get an attenuator. Alternatively you could get pedals - Fender amps take pedals very well in my experience.

And I'm not very good at explaining these types of things, so your best bet would be to try out some different amps with different speaker configurations. And just FYI, the Super Reverb isn't a single speaker amp - it's a 4x10 and it's got a HUGE sound.

If you like playing clean, a Fender tube amp will be exactly what you're looking for. The Twin Reverb especially - 85 watts tube is going to give you plenty of headroom.
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Try out my amp, the Twin, as opposed to a twin reverb, all the same features but with a great drive channel and switchable output of 25 or 100 watts.
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Well if your lookin for cleans and blues you should test out a Vox AC as well. They're like the wooly version of fender.
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