My short friend thinks Bass is "way harder" to play than guitar. Is she totally wrong in every possible way?
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
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My short friend thinks Bass is "way harder" to play than guitar. Is she totally wrong in every possible way?

depends on what you play.
btw. this thread is against the rules.
Yes, she is totally wrong. Bass is no harder or easier to play than guitar and vice versa.

But, I see that dead horse, and you are beating it.
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cause girls cant play guitar


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i prefer girls playing guitar

bass is easier if you're playing fall out boy stuff but bass is way harder if you're trying to play something by someone like victor wooten, stanley clarke etc
From my experience, I find it's easier to pick up the bare basics of bass than guitar. You can (and many do) stick a noob bassist in a band. The noob is hammering out nothing but root notes. And it doesn't sound bad. Yeah, it's bland, lifeless, etc, but at least if the correct notes are there and in time, that will hold the low end together quite well. You can learn to do that rather quickly compared to learning enough guitar to be able to play in a band and make it sound good.

That being said, I think the bass is a harder instrument to master and to get really good at. It's not because (most) basses have fewer strings than guitar that it makes it any easier.
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Not trolling, just trying to get a fair opinion. And since she wouldn't belive replies in a Guitar section, I put it here.
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
Kind of like Slap and Pop:

Easy to pick up a bass and slap to your heart's content, but the real challenge is mastering it.
It's probably easier to start out I guess. I do have to say though, in general (at least on here) bassists seem to have their stuff together as far as musicianship and theory though. You see a lot less tab-players than you would for guitar.
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hand a new bass player a guitar and tell him to play, and he will give u smoke on the water and screw up a bunch

han a new guitarist a bass and a pick, and he will show you fall out boy.

after a year, hand the bass player a guitar and tell him to solo, and hes got all the stucture needed for soloing and puttin chords together

after a year, hand the guitarist a bass and tell him to slap and pop, and he will stare at you with wide eyes wondering "wtf? wheres my fall out boy stuff?"
dude i could slap befor my friend and he plays bass and i guitar

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WELL if you was to do the scact same thing on a bass that the guitar player is doing. technicly it would be harder on bass because bass is physicly bigger so it would take more energy to move around the the bigger bass.

and people say "awww bass is easy" because they hear a ton of parts where the bass is very slow and boomy, and the guitar is doing something crazy on top of it. As easy as it might be to PLAY it, it probably took just as much talent just to WRITE it. being a bassist is a little harder IMO because to write youre own bass parts usually the guitar parts are written 1st, as crazy/ unorthadox as they may be and the bass has to write his part to make him sound good but most importantly the band too, with so many restrictions while the guitar was not resticted originally.
bass can be as easy or hard as YOU make it. just like guitar, but people are only impressed with the very fast things guitars play and they fail to apreciate what the bass is doing.
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dude i could slap befor my friend and he plays bass and i guitar

then he stinks
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