Hey guys, I recently posted a thread like this but didnt get much feedback. This spring I have an audition for The Governor School Of Arts program scholarship for Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. I'm not sure what piece I will play; I didnt make it to the audition last year but I was going to play Air tap by Erik Mongrain; I figured that would be impressive. I recently started learning some theory that I didnt already know; but I should have most theory down (minor/major modes/scales/ 7th chords etc). What song should I play? I was thinking of something that I could express myself more really get into, possibly a ballad or something (I love Jimi's ballads- but that's too easy). I'm not sure what to play. Keep in mind that this is my last chance to audition AND only 5 guitarists make it each year.

EDIT: Also if anyone has ever auditioned for Transylvania or has any tips or similar experiences about the audition feel free to share.
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