I'm gonna try this "custom logo" thing from projectguitar.com on my guitar project. I live in Finland and I don't have a clue what this ' Matte finish Mod Podge' is about, so can someone give me a synonym or an alternative product for the job. I understand it's used to seal the gold paint so that it won't react with the photomount and the laquer.

Thank you in advance!

"Mod Podge® is the original all-in-one glue, sealer and finish. From fashion accessories to wall art, furniture and more, only Mod Podge offers so many creative possibilities. Discover inspiring project ideas, helpful how-tos and all the reasons why Mod Podge is the decoupage glue of choice!"

...So basically I could just use some multipurpose adhesive/wood glue?
I've used it before to seal wooden utensils before cooking, it works well for that sort of purpose (or anything wood, I also did a jewelry box(shut up it was in elemenatry))

I wouldn't use it as a "wood glue" for say, holding a neck on, it's not meant for that, but if you wanted to seal a logo or whatnot it will work fine.

Just don't put it on too thick.
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