Need songs to take to my guitar teacher, i know all the 21 basic chords (A,D,E7,G,C,A7,etc.) and a few minor chords (Am, Dm, Gm). I listen to alot of different rock, so anything qualifies, as long as it isnt to extreme because my teacher is mainly a country guitarist.
john mayer?
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21 basic chords?? what are they? i just learn chords based on the song im trying to learn or because im fiddling around and find one that sounds nice...
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Sry, i didnt meen 21. There are 21 chords i go by but the sub-dominant is repeated for every key of 3 chords.please excuse my slip-up of stupidty.
the chords I ment were A,D,E7,B,E,F#7,C,F,G7,G,A7,B7,Bb,D7,
Try browsing around on Guitarnoise. They've got beginner/intermediate songs which generally contain basic chords, starting with two-chord wonders and moving up from there.
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones (Only uses Am F Dm G and C from memory)
Did you know that there's something on the order of about 50,000 chord combinations to be had on a 6 string guitar, once you factor in all the different tunings that number exponentially skyrockets. 21 you say? ha