Hey everyone, i need some opinions on what i have of this song so far-im going for a melodeath piece, in the vein of in flames/insomnium/at the gates etc. now to me it sounds VERY at the gate-sy, and i'm wondering if its worth continuing or does it sound like ATG to the extent where it could be considered a rip off?

cheers for any replies
Riff 2.zip
hmm I like it but the 0 on the lowest string sound very odd in the riff 2 variation.
other than that it's very heavy and I like that
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i like it, all of it.
in my opinion, the riffs in the begining are cool,
and i like them more then riff 2 variation.
i think a solo could fit the riffs very well.

keep on working on this thing, i'd like to hear it when you finish.
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nah too much of a rip of atg, discard and move on

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TS, definetely keepers.