Here's a little song I wrote after the loss of a close friend...

All I'm Left With

I never thought it would end this way
With all the memories I have from the beginning
I'm collapsing, my insides are rotting
You were taken from us in a flash
How could all these years have passed
The mourning doesn't subside
Eating away the requiems of joy we one had
These mental walls are closing in
And I've got no exit door
I can't remember a time
Where I've felt so alone
All I'm left with is a presence
And the hope that one day
We will be reunited again

All comments are appreciated
hola! estas invitado a una fiesta en mis pantalones!
Real Short song. No chorus? Is it juts one big verse? It is kind of odd the way you posted. I fyou break it down it would be easier. Cool tittle ,but you should work more on your song. Like i said, in my opinion its too short.