We cleaned out the attic over the weekend, and I found a load of my old toys, circa late 80s early 90s. Transformers and Turtles mostly. I've been going through them, seeing what I should throw out and what I should keep....anyway, I found 4 figures in particular that I can't place. they're all in good condition too, so I was hoping someone here could help me name them!
#1 I dont remember at all
#2 I KNOW, and I cant ****ing name him, and its wrecking my head. I know he's awesome.
#3 I remember having, but dont remember who he is
#4 I thought may have been from He-Man, but I couldnt find any info, so I'm probably wrong.

if anyone recognises the actual figures too and knows if they're missing anything, please say so
thanks in advance!
I only knew Bucky O'Hare, dammit. The 4th one is definitely off He-Man, cos it's the same general shape as them all. No idea who the other 2 are though, sorry.
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