The cent on my tuner says 440, but when i play with songs it sonds off. all the time help?
is your intonation on your guitar correct?

(play the 12 fret natural harmonic and then the note on the 12th fret, they should be identical in pitch)
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if the people playing the songs were also in tune, then A4=440hz is correct
(there are a couple of artists who never really bothered to tune up that well whenever they went into to the studio, early AC/DC for exampe)
440hz is the way to go,

what are you tuning your strings to anyway? casue if youre tuend and youre playing it off all the time, youre either playing it wrong, or youre tuneing is wrong. Check all your strings to be proper standard, or proper tuning to the song you are playing.

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Tune by ear. In my experience, tuners are always inaccurate.
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