This is weird, I got a letter today saying I needed to pick something up from the post office but I have not ordered anything so I'm just wondering what the hell it could be, gonna pick it up tommorow though. Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?
Has a friend ordered some porno to your house or something, just to get you into trouble?
Someone did that to me once and my mum went absolutely ape.
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Damn I sure hope not lol, yeah im thinking it could be a gift as it as my birthday was a few days ago but other than that no idea...
dumbass, that was quite pointless. YOUR BIRTHDAY WAS A FEW DAYS AGO! Lay off the drugs man.
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Last time that happened to me, it was a detention slip from school which couldn't be delievered because "The sender didn't pay full postage". Damn cheap-ass school.

I didn't bother going to pick it up though, why should I have paid for it? Didn't get the detention because my parents were never notified of it.
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Man that's badass.

Sorry man, I might of got the wrong address... I sent a bomb.... >_>
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