I thought the quality sounded pretty good myself. Alot better than the old stuff they had (ex. the song "OLD Closer Than Skin".

The 2 new songs sound great IMO.
isnt that your band? or idk. its someone on UG's band... i remember someone talking about it before. anyways i like it.
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Haha.. no it was xAestheticx's band..

But thanks!

You're so modest.

We all know it was you
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Okay.. you caught me. I was just trying to keep this post in the Hardcore section instead of getting moved to the Promote Your Band forum becuase that place is dead.

Let's hear some feedback!

Edit: Wait, before you get a chance to make an idiot out of yourself. I'll explain what took place while I tracked the drums.
First, I played to a click through both songs. If you don't know what a click is you can research "click tracks" or "metronomes" and do the math.
Secondly, all the drums were mic'd on the batter side and the reso side.. so we were able to make them all sound very good. The only one I don't like the sound of 100% is the snare.. but I'm just picky about snares.
My playing was very tight for these songs because we spent probably 3 days preparing them in advance to the studio session and I had the songs down.
AFTER we did all this, I also had the engineer quantize my drum tracks to the click making my timing almost perfect. I hope that helps clear it up.
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