Ok so I've been playing for almost a year now, and I'm getting used to the chords and stuff. But now I want to start playing the acoustic guitar the way it's meant to be played...with beautiful and peaceful solos...

Where do I start? I tried the pentatonic scale but I can't get it sounding melodic. Any good backing tracks? I need inspiration.

im not sure if its the same kind of melody your looking for but Jesse Cook - Dance Of Spring is simply amazing

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Dude, learn the natural minor scale. The possibilities with that scale are like endless, and also learn the major scale modes. And as for inspiration, I'd suggest listening to Rodrigo Y Gabriela. They have some of the most killer acoustic stuff I've ever heard, so definitely check em out.
Pentatonic scales sound good if used correctly. I like Phrygian stuff on acoustics. Sounds a little sadder I think. I tend to play a lot slower lead stuff on acoustics, it just sounds better really. Sliding is also a lot better to use. Check out Pink Floyd stuff, especially "Wish you were here." David Gilmour's solo in that is nothing if not beautiful. He's really good at lending his playing to the melody and making every note count, which is what you need in a solo, especially on an acoustic.
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You can't really go wrong with chord tones. If you have chord tones in your solos, that should help.

So if the current chord in a progression is C, then tones you could use would be C, E, and G. Then you could also use the natural major scale. Same goes with minor chords. Use the natural scale.

I'm not sure of what else you could do, though. It just comes out naturally for me, so I don't really know how to give advice on it. One thing, though, is practice. I know you're probably thinking "how could practice help me with guitar solos aside from improving my technique?" Just trust me, your improvising (as I'm assuming that's what you're doing with this question) will improve over time. It just does. One thing that really helps speed that along, though, is learning licks from your favorite artists. So learn some acoustic guitar solos, and pick out licks that you like from them. But keep in mind that you should also play for the song.

Like, would you play some DragonForce solo at speed over something like Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here?" Probably not, because wouldn't sound good. The same goes for the DragonForce song, too. Would you play something like Wish You Were Here at the original speed over DragonForce? No, because it just wouldn't fit.

So you've gotta pick what you do with solos.
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