I am going to be using this guitar at shows in drop d, and am planning on replacing all the pickups, there are three. The neck pickup and the middle are single coils, and the bridge pickup is a humbucker. There is a 9v in the back and was wondering first off which is more likely all of the pickups being active or just the humbucker, and are active pickups harder to change? Thanks in advance. It has a Fishman Bridge btw.

Another question is it hard to install a Floyd Rose?

Guitar(mine's red though)
probabally just the humbucker. i dont like active much so ide switch out. floyd tou have to route i believe so it depends on your skills
The FR was more aimed at my Jackson, and the fishman pickup, which one is that, b/c a guitar teacher mentioned something to the effect of its under the bridge, jw, answers would be great tho, I bought this from a friend for $150 and it was in mint condition. But that was almost a yr ago.